History: The expanded notes 1

Cathy's communion
Ed, James, Sharon, Cathy Edith and Big Jim at the house on Chelsea Street

It must be my sister Cathy’s first communion. I look like I’m maybe 2, max. That’s my brother Ed, me, Sharon, and Cathy. You can probably identify mum and dad. It’s a world away from Stepney and Monaghan.

Georgic, the ship my parents came over on
HMS Georgic
pier 21
Unidentified LE, Lennie Gallant, JK, Michelle Campagne, Connie Kaldor, Unidentified LE

Mum and Dad came over on HMS Georgic, a year apart. They both passed through Pier 21. About 50 years later, Lennie Gallant asked me to help write a song for the dedication of Pier 21 as a national monument.