Some Highlights of 2022
2022 A Look Back January started with a bit of snow The...
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Month of Sundays
Set list for Month of Sundays February 6th, 2020
The Month of Sundays shows–every Sunday in February– are unique in that I will play songs...
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Rise Again Poster
Rise Again-A sing along concert!
7 PM March 20th online!! Join me, Sam Turton, Eve Goldberg, Kathryn Wheatley, Eileen McGann and our hosts...
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Clarence Darrow and the quality of mercy
This has been on my mind as of late. This is from Clarence Darrow’s plea for Leopold and Loeb,...
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A tale from Genoa
On April 23-25, 1945 Italian partisans engaged German forces under Major-General Neinholt, commanding...
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Take Off!
Soemtimes it would be nice if travel went this quickly. Source:...
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Fires of Calais
My song ” Fires of Calais” is about the battle of Dunkirk, the anniversary of which is this...
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DSCF5632 copy
The Road Beckons
  Spring has come and the roads are clear! After some quality time at home I am heading out on the...
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Go west, Hugh and Jim, Go west!
Hugh and I will be heading out this afternoon for a short western swing. We’re playing a wildfire...
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My Library-Yeats and now
I love reading. I love books.  My parents indulged my passion was I was growing up. When I was 14, my...
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