Clarence Darrow and the quality of mercy

This has been on my mind as of late. This is from Clarence Darrow’s plea for Leopold and Loeb, August 22-25th August 1924. Yes, he spoke for three days and […]

Remembrance 2015

    Last year, I was in the UK on Remembrance day. I wrote a  blog post  from there and used a picture I had taken  at the war memorial […]


In my family there was a rule- when giving a book as a gift, you had to write something in it. It didn’t have to be much-Merry Christmas, or Happy […]

Remembrance Day

I am a pacifist at heart,  a socialist as a matter of conscience and a historian by inclination. That means Remembrance day leaves me in a quandary. I study war […]

Why I fly the Red Ensign

  I’ve never  been a flag waver. My patriotism is a little closer to the bone. It doesn’t need bells and whistles. Since the late 90’s, however, I have made […]

Memorial Hall

I had an amazing gig on Sunday, the 6th. It was a benefit for Horizons, a charity that does great work in Guatamala. The event was Writers and friends. Three […]

Halloween reflections


It’s 5:20AM on All Saints Day. I’m at an airport. I could be feeling sorry myself, but I’m feeling a pang for my beloved wife. I’m flying off to do […]