My Library-Yeats and now

I love reading. I love books.  My parents indulged my passion was I was growing up. When I was 14, my love affair with Yeats started. The cause was Liam […]

Canada Day 2016

My parents were immigrants to Canada. My dad was Irish, my mum English. At the time they came here they were living in London, a city still bearing the marks […]

The things you bring home

One day on the road tends to be very much like another. It’s the same routine, the same questions, the same grind. It just happens against a changing backdrop. The […]

Remembrance 2015

    Last year, I was in the UK on Remembrance day. I wrote a  blog post  from there and used a picture I had taken  at the war memorial […]


In my family there was a rule- when giving a book as a gift, you had to write something in it. It didn’t have to be much-Merry Christmas, or Happy […]


I’m sad this morning to hear of the passing of Ron Casat. I owe  my life as a musician to him. If you enjoy what I do, then you owe […]


The Franklin Expedition to find the Northwest passage occupies a big space in the history of exploration in general and Canadian History in particular. Archaeology buff were thrilled last year with […]


My father’s generation, all his brothers and sisters, have passed completely. The days of hearing stories from mouth to ear are gone now. Mary Keelaghan passed away Sunday March 8 at […]