Room 342

It was late 1992. Me and my legendary Plymouth Voyager were on a long road. I had just signed a contract with Green Linnet Records in Danbury CT, and had a budget for the recording of my new cd. They really wanted Johnny Cunningham to produce the cd. I was going to be in Portland, Oregon […]

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Halloween reflections

It’s 5:20AM on All Saints Day. I’m at an airport. I could be feeling sorry myself, but I’m feeling a pang for my beloved wife. I’m flying off to do a weekend of gigs. She is at home dealing with the kiddie hangover that is the morning after halloween. The 7 year old gets to work […]

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History: The expanded notes 1

It must be my sister Cathy’s first communion. I look like I’m maybe 2, max. That’s my brother Ed, me, Sharon, and Cathy. You can probably identify mum and dad. It’s a world away from Stepney and Monaghan. Mum and Dad came over on HMS Georgic, a year apart. They both passed through Pier 21. About 50 […]

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