Some Highlights of 2022

2022 A Look Back January started with a bit of snow The month of Sundays shows were amazing Brother Bob even joined me for one of them! There was a […]

A tale from Genoa

On April 23-25, 1945 Italian partisans engaged German forces under Major-General Neinholt, commanding the fortress in Genoa. The Germans had tried to negotiate a withdrawal from the city, brokered through […]

Take Off!

Soemtimes it would be nice if travel went this quickly. Source: James Keelaghan – Home

Fires of Calais

My song ” Fires of Calais” is about the battle of Dunkirk, the anniversary of which is this week. I’ve been singing it on the UK tour. Last night in […]


A return to Minnesota It’s been a while since I have been in the land of the Vikings, but I’m putting on my long pants and looking forward to the […]


I have another gig, aside from gigging. I am the Artistic Director at a festival called Summerfolk. For 40 years, it’s been going on in August on the shores of […]

Time Passages

5 years ago today M and I were joined by son number 2, Patrick. M rightly brags that she rocked the birth. As proof-My ticket for the parking lot was […]