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Gary Bird

Gary Bird

Gary Bird

Gary is a bit of a legend on the Alberta music scene. At least in my mind. He played for years with the Backline Orchestra. I first took him out on the road in 1988, originally as a soundman. When Cathy Cook left the group he came in as a player. He toured with me from 1988 to 1992 playing guitar, pedal steel and dobro. He was remarkably unflappable and one of the only people who didn’t freak me out when he drove.

Gary lived south of town for the longest time at a place called Gladys Ridge. I used to love going down there to hang out, listen to the quiet and write tunes. It was his place that I referenced, of course, in the song Gladys Ridge.

He lives in Turner Valley now, still younger than his years and curious as a cat.


Anne Loree, Mitch Podolak, Gary Bird and Leonard Podolak at Gary’s place on Gladys Ridge. 1993


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  1. Does Gary Bird write songs? I saw you perform in Ottawa in the early 90’s – you were sick as a dog and could barely sing. The guy you were playing with sang a couple of his own compositions including one about a moonshiner and his daughter… I always wanted to track that song down again…

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