Bob Keelaghan, Mary Keelaghan, James Keelaghan, Stephens' Green 2010
Bob Keelaghan, Mary Keelaghan, James Keelaghan, Stephen’s Green 2010

My father’s generation, all his brothers and sisters, have passed completely. The days of hearing stories from mouth to ear are gone now.

Mary Keelaghan passed away Sunday March 8 at St. James Hospital in Dublin.  My aunt Mary was the last of my dad’s brothers and sisters standing. And I do mean standing. Until a stroke took her this week she was an active and vital 95 year old, going where she wanted under her own power, still volunteering at the local church. She was an exceptional woman. For all the time I knew her, she lived on Stephen’s Green in Dublin. I enjoyed many afternoons at Mary’s place when I was over there. She possessed a sharp wit, and eloquent tongue. She had a fierce  loyalty to and love for her family. She will be returning home to Monaghan for one last time this week, where she will lie with her mother, father, sisters and brothers.